Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions that I hope you find useful.

How fresh is the milk?
I collect the milk from the dairy farm on the morning of each delivery (approximately 3am). It is bottled, homogenised and pasteurised on site. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

Is delivery included in your prices?
Yes, there are no additional delivery charges.

Can I pay my bills through my internet banking?
Yes you can, I will email you your bill at regular intervals for you to pay via your internet banking service.

Do you require advance payment by direct debit?
No, I do not require advance payment by direct debit, you will only have to pay for goods you have received.

Can I still pay by cheque?
Yes, I do and will continue to accept cheques.

How do I order extra milk or change my standing order?
Leave me a voice or text message up until 9pm, or the traditional way of leaving me a note on the doorstep and if I have it on the van I'll leave it for you.

Will you deliver to my house the same time each day?
I aim to deliver at approximately the same time each delivery day, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What happens if you deliver after I have gone to work?
I try to have all my deliveries completed by 9.30am, however if you have already left I will leave the milk in an appropriate place out of the sunlight / sight. Milk minders, cool boxes or a bucket of water are an effective way of keeping your milk cool while it is outside.

Do you deliver to businesses?
Yes I deliver to businesses and domestic customers that fall within my area.

Does milk from glass bottles taste better than plastic?
Some customers do say that it tastes better and glass bottles are more environmentally friendly being reusable. However other customer find plastic bottles more practical and they can be recycled too.

Do you wear your shorts all year round?
Unfortunately due to the recent snow - I have had to resort to some longer shorts...